We commit to providing you with a personal and professional service. We will help you plan and deliver all the elements of the funeral, to make sure it is a fitting farewell to your loved one. A typical funeral will include four basic elements: our professional service fees, bringing your loved one into our care, the hearse, and funeral staff for the day Glens Funeral. Please note these costs are estimates and a more detailed and accurate quote can be put together for you. There are also a range of other services that can be provided – again contact us for advice and a quote.

Normally the family would directly pay any Clergy or venue fees, music, catering.

These can be included in the overall bill (please let us know in advance) of the funeral, and a coffin. The other elements and costs of a funeral are the disbursements which are payments made to third parties on your behalf. These may include, for example, crematorium or burial fees, minister or celebrant fees, doctors’ fees for cremation and any other additional expenses or services. We can detail these costs on an estimate.

McAlister Funeral Directors Traditional Funeral Plan

We offer a range of funeral plans from £3,150£3,400
In addition, the following charges are likely to also be required

The overall cost here covers practically all elements and you can decide on any additions or subtractions at any point.

Please note that costs for both simple and traditional funeral are for burial-in both cases cremation will increase costs by approximately £400.