First Steps-What do you do when someone dies

AT HOME OR IN NURSING HOME. The first thing to do is to contact the deceased’s own G.P, or the doctor on call who comes out to certify the death. The doctor will issue a medical certificate confirming cause of death that is used to register the death at the registration office. If you opt for cremation, let the doctor know as certain paperwork needs to be completed.

Once the doctor has certified the death, contact the Funeral Directors who will come out to discuss further details and the deceased will be removed from their place of death to our Funeral Home for preparation.

AT HOSPITAL OR HOSPICE. The doctor tending to the deceased during their illness will issue a medical certificate of cause of death. This may be done shortly after the death or perhaps the following morning, depending on the time of death and if the doctor is available.

The deceased will be removed to the mortuary, where the funeral director will liaise with the staff to organise the moving of the deceased to the funeral home. Contact us at any time after the death and we will guide you in the right direction.

SUDDEN DEATH. If someone dies suddenly or tragically, the coroner will become involved and the deceased will be removed from the place of death by the coroner’s staff to the Regional City Mortuary where an examination of the deceased may be carried out to determine the cause of death. Any time after the death, contact the Funeral Directors who will guide you in the right direction. In this situation the funeral may be delayed for a day or two due to the examination to be carried out.

DEATH ABROAD. If a death takes place abroad it must be registered according to the law of that country. The death should also be reported to the Irish or British Consul. Returning a body to the UK is expensive but the cost may be covered by any travel insurance taken out by the person. If the death was on a package holiday the tour operator should be able to help with arrangements.

Normally a funeral director will be instructed by the insurance company to bring the deceased back to Northern Ireland and then the funeral director at home will co-ordinate any necessary arrangements with them and they will then take over all arrangements. If the death was not due to natural causes the coroner for the district will also need to be told and an inquest may need to take place. In Northern Ireland a coroner can also arrange a post-mortem or an inquest if the family requests it.